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The dew Line (The distant early warning line deterred Soviet aggression for your grandparents). The same principal works for drug abuse today.

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It is never too early for opioids, and other substances of concern.
Is someone you love abusing opioid medications? It may not be easy to tell, especially in the early stages of addiction. Perhaps you've noticed changes in your loved one's moods or behavior that don't add up. Or maybe your intuition is telling you there's a problem.
There are conventional tests, hair from a hairbrush, fingernail clippings etc. that may provide answers. Contact us for a confidential discussion.

The time it takes to become physically dependent varies from person to person, but it is usually a couple of weeks. Taking an opioid for a day or two is not a problem for most people, but some studies show that even the first dose can have physiological effects that can make someone vulnerable to opioid use disorder.


At the opioid crisis is the most profound self inflicted health crisis we have ever faced. The crisis is compounded because it includes multiple opioids and their derivatives. Evidence suggests that opioid users often use other drugs and this poly substance use contributes to morbidity and mortality.

In response prevention and treatment practices and policies have been widely implemented, expanded and are the subject of increasing research and utilization of available resources to stem the tide. Opioid addiction is caused by a combination of multiple physical and psychological factors.

Early identification of an opioid problem can help stop the progression from misuse of opioids to the development of an opioid addiction. In short, early identification helps prevent a poor prognosis. Accordingly, screening for opioid (and other drug) misuse should be included as standard practice in any evaluation of vulnerability to addiction.

Family involvement is an obvious option yet family involvement can be complex, as opioid use progresses toward a disorder due to issues such as stigma and interpersonal conflict.

Sometimes the request for assessment comes from a concerned family member, either directly or indirectly, with such statements as: "I fear my son is using drugs".

The pathway to early detection may be through the patient directly or through a concerned family member. Either way-early detection means a better prognosis.

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